Chinese Boy Names With Pi


Chinese boy names with pi, meaning and Recommended names.

The Chinese character pi for Chinese boy names is: 丕

丕 (pī)

Original meaning: great, grand, glorious, distinguished

Recommended names:

丕里 丕沪 丕明 丕模 怡丕 丕达 丕程 丕民 丕亮 丕金 丕叵 丕良 丕凯 丕松 丕谷 丕福 丕徐 丕贤 丕同 丕荣 丕喜 丕绩 丕红 紫丕 丕雄 丕军 丕丰 丕濂 丕海 丕吉 丕显 丕宝 丕凇 丕权 丕植 丕峰 丕全 丕玉

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  • S
    November 24, 2022

    "丕诺" is a good Chinese name for boys?