Chinese Girl Names In Poems Ⅰ


Recommend Chinese girl names from poetry and explain their meanings.


Hán means connotation, not revealing. The name implies extraordinary qualifications and rich connotations Wēi Refers to crape myrtle, the name means good luck and eloquence.

含桃实已落,红薇花尚熏。 ——白居易《南停对酒送春》


Shu as a person's name means carefree auspicious and leisurely. Ying means bright and splendid.

逸骥空勤足未舒,寒灯静吊影为伴。 ——李复《依韵酬朱公掞给事》


The name Jin means a bright future, a successful career, and the icing on the cake. The name Yi means the appearance of a little bird, and it means a woman who is gentle, considerate and considerate.

锦绣乍脱玉为肌,更著油煎供养伊 ——释法薰《煎笋》


The name xīn means a person who is thoughtful, emotional, and dedicated. The name jié implies purity, nobility, and cleanliness.

吾心似秋月,碧潭清皎洁 ——广利寺僧《中秋》

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