Chinese Girl Names In Poems Ⅳ


Recommend Chinese girl names from poetry and explain their meanings.


Ji means sunny after snow and rain. Yǔ refers to rain, rainy season, the name means moisturizing, nectar, implying a good life, healthy and happy growth.



Yuè refers to the moon and moonlight. The name implies high conduct and a pure heart. The name of a girl also symbolizes beauty and the pursuit of a better life. Hé refers to the lotus flower. The name implies a person who is clean and beautiful, noble and elegant, and of good moral character.



Kě refers to consent, permission, and appreciation. The name implies superior talent, tenacious perseverance, and great success. Yuè refers to joy, pleasure, and sweetness to the ear. The name implies family happiness, a successful career, and joy.



Lan: The basic meaning of the word is crisscrossed, and also refers to disabled, exhausted, and late. Jiāo refers to beautiful, and the name means lovely, beautiful, and charming.


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