Chinese Girl Names - Relates To Beauty, Pureness And Poetic


Chinese girl names have a lot of beautiful words. If you want to pick a Chinese girl name, you need to understand the characteristics of the girl's name. These common Chinese characters in the girl's name must know.

The characteristics of the girl's name:

  1. Named after the beauty of nature, the words of flowers, colors and smells.
  2. Named after beautiful and small animal characters. Such as 小燕丹凤 and so on.
  3. Named after the time season.
  4. To describe the character, and the words with emotional color.
  5. Named with a female or a female character.
  6. Enter the name of the word that represents the color.
  7. To describe the word of flowers for women's name.
  8. Name the word of the item related to the woman. Such as 珠、珊、绣、琳, and so on.

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Chinese girl names commonly used Chinese characters

  1. 思: meaning to miss, consider, miss.
  2. 糖: sweet and sweet, sweet and sweet, happy mouth and good fortune.
  3. 瑾: wisdom and courage, versatile, middle-aged success Longchang, knowledgeable, abroad. Used for female names.
  4. 雅: elegant, not tacky, beautiful, standard. Symbolizes elegance and integrity.
  5. 钰: treasures; hard metal.
  6. 艺: talent, reason, gentle and wise, middle-aged auspicious, Longchang in his later years, the word abroad.
  7. 嘉: The meaning of 嘉 is more, mainly including goodness, beauty, approval, praise, Jiqing, happiness, joy and so on. Because Jia's meaning is very good, it is often used in the name of the person.
  8. 欣: there is love, grace, temperament, more gentle, late marriage is auspicious. Used for female names.
  9. 楚: meaning clear, neat, lush and so on.
  10. 婉: The original meaning of the 婉 word refers to obedience or circumcision, and it is extended to be gentle or beautiful.
  11. 沁: gentle and wise, have the virtues of adults, middle-aged labor but auspicious, old age or the word of Doe.
  12. 颖: The original meaning of 颖 refers to the bracts on the grain of the grain, which refers to the tip or clever and outstanding person.
  13. 妃: elegant and elegant, intelligent and intelligent, a lifetime of leisure and enjoyment, the words of the old age. Used for female names.
  14. 薇: Exquisite and versatile, elegant and elegant, auspicious, middle-aged ordinary, Longchang in his later years. Used for female names.
  15. 岑: Both wealth and status are acquired.
  16. 璐: 璐 word means beauty jade.
  17. 雯: refers to the pattern of clouds.
  18. 宁: It means peace, tranquility and peace.
  19. 菲: 菲 word was originally a plant name, and it was also used to describe the aroma of flowers and plants. As a person's name, the main meaning of the Philippine word is the fragrant beauty.
  20. 允: Six relatives Yuanyuan, out of the rich and wealthy, born intelligent, self-reliant, from scratch.
  21. 萌: Refers to the growth of plants just beginning to germinate. It is just beginning to symbolize the prosperity of the cause. It means germination, beauty, and desire to begin.
  22. 姿: exquisite and dexterous, wise and wise, gentle, successful Longchang happiness.
  23. 予: love troubles, life more disasters, middle-aged hard work, the word of good fortune.
  24. 卉: worry about the work of God, damage Ding break the source of wealth, trip down a lifetime, difficult to be happy, avoid the word car afraid of water.
  25. 希: Elegant and elegant, versatile.
  26. 舒: Elegant and wise.
  27. 可: Born to be smart.
  28. 诗: versatile, picturesque, picturesque. Meaning beautiful.
  29. 佳: The meaning of Jiajia is beautiful. It means beautiful, beautiful and outstanding.
  30. 馨: The five elements belong to gold, and the fragrance is very far away: sweet fragrance. Such as the blue heart.
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