Chinese Girl Names With Bian


Chinese girl names with bian, meaning and Recommended names.

The Chinese character bian for Chinese girl names is: 变

变 (biàn)

Original meaning: change, transform, alter; rebel

Recommended names:

变焕 变云 变户 则变 变沁 思变 变玲 卓变 帛变 新变 乐变 洪变 四变 变滟 变媪 变骊 变态 斑变 变霞 验变 变宁 骊变 变鹳 恪变 变瑶 变骅 三变 一变 变青 歪变 泳变 小变 维变 箫变 变化 冼变 莹变 变钰 迟变 星变 变娥 变变 九变 变琳 变二 佰变

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1 Comments for "Chinese girl names with bian"

  • Z
    August 21, 2022

    LMAO be careful with this name and dont use 小变 idk who put that on here but it sounds exactly like 小便 which means ‘pee’