Color Words In Unique Chinese Girl Names

Haugh Hans

姊缃 (zǐxiāng)

姊: Refers to the sister, is the name between the same-generation girlfriends, is a gentle and elegant woman's name, unique, highlighting the feminine style.

缃: Refers to light yellow, is a relatively light color in the color, and rarely appears in the girl's name, elegant and calm, indifferent to the name, soft and gentle meaning.

紫沁 (zǐqìn)

紫: It is a color that is a mixture of blue and red. In ancient times, it was a color that can be used by an official, so it has a noble connotation.

沁: The original meaning is immersion, infiltration, is a relatively uncommon girl to use the word, there is fresh and hearty, comfortable and pleasant, fresh and refined meaning.

黛溪 (dàixī)

黛: Refers to the blue and black pigments, the ancient women often used to thrush, so it is a very strong female color, indicating that the woman's appearance is beautiful.

溪: Refers to the small river in the mountains. When the name of the river is used as a girl's name, it is full of agility, and it is lively and cheerful, full of youthful vitality.

菀青 (wǎnqīng)

菀:Original meaning: luxuriance of growth.

青:Original meaning: blue, green, black; young.

炜彤 (wěitóng)

炜:Original meaning: brilliant red; glowing.

彤:red, vermilion; name of ancient.

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