The Gentle And Quiet Poetic Chinese Girl Names, These Names Are Best For Girls


The girl is synonymous with gentleness and quietness in our impressions. Compared with the naughty tricks of boys, the gentle and sensible girl is actually more painful. When I give girls names, most of them develop in this direction. Many people choose to take a gentle and quiet name. Here, we recommend a few gentle and quiet names to provide a reference for everyone.

Taken from poetry

The first way to name is very common, but it is very practical, and it is definitely the first place in the list of names. This method is very simple to name from some of the more famous poems, for example, the Book of Songs can be used as a reference for the name. The girl's name can be taken from the Book of Songs. There are many verses in the Book of Songs that describe the girl's beautiful or beautiful love. In addition to the Book of Songs and the Tang poetry and Song dynasty, these verses are very beautiful and have a certain artistic conception, which is very suitable for being a name.

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Take a symbol of good words

The second way to name is to take some words that symbolize good things, because every girl who comes to the world is actually a symbol of goodness, so when you take the name, you should take some words that symbolize the good. In fact, the influence of the name on people is still very large. A symbolic name can make people unconsciously move closer to this aspect, so if you have expectations for your child, you can look forward to the direction you are looking forward to.

晓烁 (Xiaoshuo)

The first name to be introduced is Xiao Shuo. The word Xiao is often found in the name of the person. There is not much meaning here. It is more of an auxiliary role. The overall name has the meaning of exercise and refinement. The extension is empirical and level, indicating that this is an experienced person.

绮琪 (Qi Qi)

The name is a relatively gentle name, the overall meaning is the versatile, gentle and virtuous meaning, this is a very gentle and quiet name. The pronunciation of this name is also very beautiful, there is a layer of progressive feeling, and the name has an ancient meaning.

雨茜 (Yuqian)

The third name is Yu Yu. The overall meaning of this name is elegant and elegant. The name also has a more classical feel. It is like the name of everyone in ancient times. The rain is also water. It means that the girl is like water, and she describes the beauty and brightness of the woman. It must be as gentle as water, but also live bright and warm.

Gentle and quiet poetic Chinese girl names


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