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When girls are named, it is more difficult. Some families are more expecting girls than boys, so they will be more cautious when taking girls’ names. Generally, the more important things are, the more entangled they are. Naturally, you can't escape this spell. Many people want to give their prostitute a new but conserved name, but I don't know where to start. Here are a few new and well-recognized ways to choose names. There are also several suitable girls' names.

Named from "The Book of Songs"

In China, there is a saying about the selection of a name that is very famous as "Men Chu Ci, Female Shi King". Therefore, when a girl takes a name, she can take it from the Book of Songs. The Book of Songs has many beautiful and beautiful poems, which is very suitable for being a name, especially a girl's name. The name of a girl is to take a good name, and to name it from the Book of Songs, there is no need to worry about it. The stories of the Book of Songs are all scrutinized, and they all have certain connotations.

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Take some relatively new words

If people who have a certain research on Chinese culture will find a problem, many Chinese cultures are actually developed through long-term development. Many words have appeared in modern times, especially since the conversion from classical Chinese to vernacular. A large number of emerging words, these words are relatively new, many of which are very suitable for the name, can also be considered in this regard when the name is taken.

晴晴 (Qing Qing)

The first name to be introduced is Qing Qing. The meaning of this name is lively, cheerful and enthusiastic. The original meaning of the eye means that the weather is very good, the wind is sunny, the sun is shining, and the person who describes it means that this person is very lively. The pronunciation of this name is also very good. It is also catchy to use two stacks of words.

子佩 (Zi Pei)

The second name to be introduced is Zi Pei. This name comes from the Book of Songs. In the Book of Songs, it means the clothing of the other party. It is also the name of the other party. It can be understood here as a decent and calm, and the things to be worn must be decent. Only able to calmly interact with people.

诗茵 (Shi Yin)

The third name to be introduced is Shi Yin, poetry refers to poetry and poetry, and there are everything in poetry. Here, we can also refer to infinite possibilities. Yinzhi refers to grassland, which can be understood as swimming in the ocean of poetry, and also elegant. Romantic meaning. This is a novel and full of poetry and poetry.

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