Unique Chinese Baby Girl Names In 2019


We usually imagine the person's temperament and image by name before I see it; so it is very important to give the baby girl a unique name. Here are some of the latest unique baby girl names in 2019.

菘蓝 (sōnglán)

菘蓝, indigo. Indigo also known as tea blue, which is the Banlangen that we drink when we have a cold; indigo has a fresher literary atmosphere, and the 菘 character is not common in the name, very rare, special word with blue characters, the girl is youthful and energetic.

青黛 (qīngdài)

青黛 is a Chinese herbal medicine, also known as silk flower, horse blue, wood blue, indigo, etc., when used in the name of a female baby, it is also more feminine. In terms of splitting, “黛” is a pigment used by women in ancient times to modify eyebrows. Therefore, the name of Qinglan is good, and it can reflect the gentle personality of girls.

寒水 (hánshuǐ)

寒水, cold water, is also the name of Chinese herbal medicine. This product is the crystal of sulfate mineral mineralite. As a name, it can reflect the noble and elegant temperament of the girl, and it also expresses the girl's warm and watery appearance; the famous poet Du Mu's "Po Qinhuai" also wrote: "烟笼寒水月笼沙,夜泊秦淮近酒家". 寒水, as a girl’s name is very special, poetic.

代真 (dàizhēn)

代真, this name comes from the poems of Yuan Dynasty·Wang Dangui:"会逢圣代,真仙垂教度群迷". The word "代" means to replace, the era, the representative, and a word with the symbol of the times. The word "真" means sincerity, clarity, and essence, and refers to the fact that girls treat people with sincerity.

丽卿 (lìqīng)

The name 丽卿 is very feminine, so that one can see the beautiful side of the girl. From the poems of the Tang Dynasty and Li Shangyin: "将星临迥夜,卿月丽层穹." The word "丽" is very common, indicating the beautiful meaning of the girl; the meaning of "卿" is to express relatives or official positions, for The name is the gentle character of the girl.

珮瑶 (pèiyáo)

珮瑶, originated from the verse of the poet Du Mu of the Tang Dynasty: "桂席尘瑶珮,琼炉烬水沉." The meaning of the name is the meaning of the jade, which means that the girl is as precious as jade. Moreover, 瑶 characters often appear in women's names, indicating good fortune and happiness.

紫微 (zǐwēi)

紫微, Ziwei star, also the sun, the astrology symbolizes the desire for knowledge, is strong, strong and steady, not ill, self-love, and quality. The Ziwei Star is the star of the emperor. This name implies leadership ability, which means that the girl can have something in the future and have a vision.

红鸾 (hóngluán)

红鸾, The Red Comet, is a lucky star in Chinese mythology, and is mainly responsible for weddings and other happy events. According to the novel "Feng Shen Bang", the Princess Longji, the singer of the Phoenix Mountain in the Red Dragonfly, is the fairy of the Palace, and is the daughter of the Western Queen who was born to the Emperor of Heaven. Therefore, this name also means that girls are happy and healthy, and they will be able to get their own precious love in the future.

摇光 (yáoguāng)

摇光, Shaking the light star, The seventh star of the Beidou constellation. Its astrology means "to practice, to seek new changes, to work hard, to be brave in service, not afraid of violent, good and evil, quick response, frank and straightforward." "摇光", also known as "瑶光", ,the melody of the sound is very suitable for the name of the female baby.

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