Unique Chinese Girl Name Naming Skills


Everyone’s name symbolizes their identity, so everyone wants their name to be different.

The name used should match the virtual word with the real word.

The virtual words generally have no practical meaning. The real words have specific connotations. Through the ingenious combination of virtual words and real words, the names thus formed are more expressive than the names composed of two real words, and at the same time, they have enriched the connotation of the real words and eased them. The role of tone, such a combination of virtual and real, complement each other, making the name very unique.

Try to avoid common words.

Before you name your child, knowing the girl's famous words is a common way for many parents. They think that the names of common words are more fashionable, because they are based on the current ones. In fact, the names derived from common words are not only very common, they have no features, they are also prone to duplicate names, and even children will not like their names in the future.

Named after the literary work.

We may wish to give girls a name based on their favorite literature, so that the girl's name is not only unique, but also very literary.

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Recommend some unique girl names

钰琬 (yuwan)

The name "钰" has the meaning of being strong, rich and fortitude. The word "琬" has the meaning of being full, gentle, and pure.

依琳 (yilin)

琳 refers to the meaning of jade, which is a beautiful and precious thing, and used in the girl's name, embodying a girl like jade. It is very nice to match with the word "依", which means smart and resourceful.

颖彤 (yingtong)

The word "颖" is named smart, outstanding and talented. The name "彤" has the meaning of being lively, energetic, and hopeful.

菲儿 (feier)

The fragrance of the word "菲" is very strong. The use of the name means the girl's full of vitality and freshness. The word "child" is a nickname. The writing and the meaning are simple. They generally emphasize the love of parents for their children.

幻馨 (huanxin)

The original meaning of 馨 is aroma, and it has a beautiful meaning as a girl's name. It means gentle and elegant, famous, and a dream come true, and life is beautiful.

璟思 (jingsi)

璟思: The meaning of 思 is broad thinking, clear thinking, and quick thinking. The combination with 璟 means good things, And the whole name refers to the agile, eloquent and intelligent.

妙冉 (miaoran)

"妙" means ingenious, superb and excellent. "冉" means slow, calm, calm, and stable.

佳筱 (jiaxiao)

The word "佳" refers to the meaning of beautiful, kind, and auspicious. It is mixed with the word "筱", meaning good, natural, and flowery.

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