What Are The Latest Chinese Girl Names In 2019?


How do you pick a good name to a girl? The following are the latest Chinese girl names in 2019.

Everyone has his own name. The name contains not only the beautiful meaning, but also the elders' enthusiasm and ardent expectations for the younger generation. Many times names are not just a code to distinguish between people, but there is also a story behind each name. We all know that boys and girls are not the same. How do you pick a good name to a girl? The following are the latest Chinese girl names in 2019.

First, several methods for girls to pick names in 2019

The method of naming boys and girls is different. Here are a few common ways to name girls.

You can use a colored word to give a girl a name. For example: 青(green)、苍(blue; green)、黛(black)、碧(blue; green)、绿(green)、彤(red)、丹(cinnabar)、素(white;silk) , etc. The name generally composed of these words is very connotative, can be reminiscent of some colors, very dreamy, like a girl's dreamy face. You can also name a girl with a word that expresses tenderness. We all know that girls are generally gentle and kind. If you can use the words with tenderness when choosing a name, it is enough to show the tenderness of women. For example: 爱莲莫愁念慈怡静怜珊友琴语柔雨莲媛曼芸诗, and so on.

In addition, there is one of the most common, whether it is ancient or modern, this method of picking names is used, that is, the scene is the name of the girl. For example: 彩霞秋月春梅燕秋紫兰秀梅丁香紫薇冬青凤仙雪莲, etc. This method of naming is more common, and the name is catchy, it is easy for everyone to remember, and it is also popular among parents. Another way is to name the girl with reference to the allusion. For example: 玉窈璧晗青云恬简望舒语心芳华欣怡智敏婉静, etc. Borrowing historical allusions to name girls, people feel a strong atmosphere from a scholarly family, very connotation.

Second, matters needing attention when choosing a name for girls in 2019

To choose a name for a girl, try to avoid mathematics, especially the mathematical meaning of the meaning of loneliness, such as: 21, 23, etc. If the five elements of the gold deficiency are better not to use the number of gold, because these figures may make the girl's character hard and lack of feminine tenderness. For example, numbers such as 7, 8, 17, and 18 are numbers that belong to the number of gold numbers. It is best not to appear in the girl's name. Girls should be gentle and savvy, so these numbers with a hard and tender shape are not suitable for girls.

Try to use a single Chinese character to name the girl as little as possible. Although the name of a single Chinese character is easy to remember and catchy, the name of a single Chinese character lacks personality and is relatively monotonous. The most important thing is that it is easy to repeat with other people's names. I believe that everyone is not happy with the same name as everyone else. Everyone wants to have a name that is unique to them. Therefore, when parents give a girl a name, they can't just give the child a single Chinese character name. Although they can give the child a single Chinese character name, the repetition rate is too high. It is not recommended. There is also the girl's name not to use the words of the fierce meaning, giving people the feeling of being like a boy's name, affecting the girl's character, and not being liked by the opposite sex. Words like 威、帅、英、钢、坚、巍、勇、猛、强, etc. are best not used in the girl's name.

Now, when many people choose their names for their daughters, they just think that the name is good sounding, and never think about the meaning of the name. If parents want to choose a good name for their children, it is best to understand the meaning of the name first, because some words are homophonic but the meaning is very different. If it is a word with poor meaning, it is not good. So before picking a name, it's best to check the relevant information to determine which words to use. Whether you choose a boy's name or a girl's name, you have to pay special attention.

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The latest Chinese girl names in 2019


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