What Words Did The Ancient Chinese Name Use?


How do Chinese ancients take their names? The name reflects the social value orientation in the ancient context.

There are several characteristics of the ancient people's name:

First, yearning for wealth and status

There are Marquis 刘福刘传富刘受福 in Han Shu·Wang Hou Table. There are 盖宽饶李广利 in the biography. Names of 公、侯、王孙、公子、公孙, such as 窦周公袁邵公魏弱侯张孟侯卓王孙杨王孙刘公子冯公孙 and so on.

Because of the yearning for the official, the ancient Chinese people also had a lot of names in the name of "臣". In the Tang Dynasty, there were 裴敬臣陈梦臣, etc, In the Song Dynasty, there were 徐鼎臣周得臣, and so on. There were 张元臣 in the Ming Dynasty. In the Qing Dynasty there were 赵廷臣吴任臣, and so on.

There are also many names related to the imperial examination: 唐殿魁许占魁黄开榜郑魁土蔡廷魁苏廷魁, and so on.

Second, hope to prolong life.

Directly containing the word "寿(longevity)", or this type of name includes 龟(turtles), 鹤(cranes), 松(pines), 椿(Chinese toon) and other long-lived animals and plants.

The name contains the word "寿(longevity)": There were 韩延寿甘延寿毛延寿 in the Han Dynasty. 陈寿, author of the "Three Kingdoms" in Wei and Jin Dynasties. In Chinese history, the words with the word "寿" are: 房法寿朱延寿李延寿朱寿昌朱寿隆李南寿丘元寿何元寿陈谦寿项笃寿徐增寿祖大寿;顾寿南张寿荣傅寿恭陈鸿寿, and so on.

There are "龟(turtle)" characters in the name: 李龟年王龟 in the Tang Dynasty. In the Song Dynasty there were 张龟年彭龟年刘龟年徐龟年王龟龄徐梅龟, and so on. After the Yuan and Ming dynasties, the tortoise became a curse word. Few people had names with turtles.

There are "鹤(cranes)" characters in the name: 完颜寿鹤丁鹤年张鹤龄杨鹤沈鹤龄朱鹤龄耶鹤寿.

The name includes the words "松(pine)" and "椿(Chinese toon)": 裴松吴松年宋松年梁椿李椿李椿年邵大椿余椿年方椿年任大椿叶大椿王大椿, and so on.

Third, expect to eliminate the disease and bring auspiciousness

During the Warring States period, the king of Chuping "弃疾", the Han Dynasty squadron generals 霍去病, the Northern Zhou 司马消难, the Song Dynasty 冯去病黄去疾, the famous poet 辛弃疾, Qing Dynasty 苏去疾.

Characters in "History of Song Dynasty": 栾崇吉袁逢吉王吉甫孙逢吉冯吉张惟吉甘昭吉梁从吉石保吉薛惟吉张从吉慎从吉张吉.

The names of ordinary people have the following habits:

The festival method: in the name of birth and season, the name of flowers, 春花夏雨秋实秋雨秋艳冬晓冬梅腊梅, and so on.

Place Name method: To commemorate the birth place of children, such as 杭生浙生沪生渝生杭宁.

Hope to get a son and get wealth: such as 来娣根娣玲娣招娣延娣来宝来发.

Animal: 阿牛阿鼠小鱼小狗小龙阿龙小骏小凤凤儿.

Weight method: 九斤老太(nine pounds old lady)、九斤姑娘(nine pounds girl).

Sexual change method: female as a male, 亚男冠男家骏家雄; male as a female, 新妹宝姬秋月 and so on.

Ranking method: 大牛二牛三小小牛,大囡二囡三囡, etc.

Five elements: 润土.

During the Republic of China, Western culture gradually influenced the local people. Some intellectuals and merchant families were advocating foreign names, such as 玛丽(Mary)、海伦(Helen)、彼德(Peter)、约翰(John)、汤姆(Tom).

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