Chinese Girl Names With Jue


Chinese girl names with jue, meaning and Recommended names.

The Chinese character jue for Chinese girl names is: 珏

珏 (jué)

Original meaning: two pieces of jade joined together

Recommended names:

吴珏 珏伶 珺珏 珏掬 雅珏 雯珏 珏妙 珏英 蓝珏 姣珏 棂珏 珏静 珏思 沁珏 忻珏 涴珏 珏凤 珏荭 卧珏 珏贝 沈珏 珏珏 珏钰 珏函 珀珏 囡珏 姹珏 靖珏 黄珏 希珏 诗珏 兰珏 菀珏 容珏 姝珏 珏茳 珏欢 珏迎 畅珏 珏含 珏淼 睿珏 满珏 珏儿 珏欣 云珏 采珏 之珏 珏歌 双珏 珏珑 玮珏 钻珏 珏希 莘珏 珏颐 斯珏 珏熠 珏瑶

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