In 2023 The Most Frequently Used Characters In Chinese Names


In the past few years, some characters have been used too much in names, so we must avoid too many duplicate names and lack of personality.

In 2023 the Most Frequently Used Characters in Chinese Names

For example, "Zixuan(子轩) and Zixuan(紫萱)" can be found online and used by everyone. What other names are used more, and is there any way to verify them?

We analyzed the names of more than 14,000 Chinese children in public data. The results are as follows: "Yinuo(一诺), Yuxuan(宇轩), Xinyan(欣妍), Bowen(博文), and Yiyi(一一)" are the most frequent names.

Among the single character names, "Jing(静)" and "Ting( 婷)" are used most, followed by “Min(敏), Qin(琴), Yan(燕), Le(乐), Li(丽), Yi(一), Dan(丹), Hui(慧), and Juan(娟).” The frequency of use is that one in eight people uses these words.

Among the double-character names, the first character is "Zi(子), Zi(梓), Yu(雨), Yi(一), Yu(宇)," and the second is "Han(涵), Xuan(轩), Yu(宇), Xuan(萱), Ran(然), Chen(辰), and Yan(妍)". The frequency of use is the same as above, and one in eight names uses one of these characters.

If you put the two characters with more frequency together, the names with the highest repetition frequency will appear: "Yinuo(一诺)" and "Xinyi(欣怡)."

To better understand which names have the risk of duplicate names, We list the top 50 names that appear most:

  1. 一诺(Yinuo)
  2. 欣怡(Xinyi)
  3. 依依(Yiyi)
  4. 一一(Yiyi)
  5. 浩宇(Haoyu)
  6. 子涵(Zihan)
  7. 子轩(Zixuan)
  8. 宇轩(Yuxuan)
  9. 婷婷(Tingting)
  10. 宇辰(Yuchen)
  11. 梓涵(Zihan)
  12. 浩然(Haoran)
  13. 欣妍(Xinyan)
  14. 可欣(Kexin)
  15. 雨涵(Yuhan)
  16. 皓轩(Haoxuan)
  17. 梓萱(Zixuan)
  18. 雨晨(Yuchen)
  19. 博文(Bowen)
  20. 可馨(Kexin)
  21. 梦涵(Menghan)
  22. 梦瑶(Mengyao)
  23. 雨泽(Yuze)
  24. 子豪(Zihao)
  25. 沐晨(Muchen)
  26. 宇航(Yuhang)
  27. 雨彤(Yutong)
  28. 雨萱(Yuxuan)
  29. 梓睿(Zirui)
  30. 佳怡(Jiayi)
  31. 瑾萱(Jinxuan)
  32. 文轩(Wenxuan)
  33. 伊一(Yiyi)
  34. 晨曦(Chenxi)
  35. 子墨(Zimo)
  36. 安然(Anran)
  37. 子睿(Zirui)
  38. 梓轩(Zixuan)
  39. 文博(Wenbo)
  40. 星辰(Xingchen)
  41. 一凡(Yifan)
  42. 一鸣(Yiming)
  43. 奕辰(Yichen)
  44. 雨桐(Yutong)
  45. 语涵(Yuhan)
  46. 梓萌(Zimeng)
  47. 紫萱(Zixuan)
  48. 梓彤(Zitong)
  49. 沐妍(Muyan)
  50. 博轩(Boxuan)

There is nothing wrong with these names, and it's just that the frequency of occurrence is exceptionally high. When you go to school to find your child, the teacher asks, Who are you trying to reach? You say, "Yinuo(一诺)." The teacher spread his hands and said, there are five "Yinuo(一诺)" in our class. Which "Yinuo(一诺)" parent are you? If you want to avoid this, we should avoid these characters; they are used too much.

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