Chinese Boy Names In Songs Of Chu Ⅴ


Chu Ci names are generally more suitable for boys. When parents use Chu Ci names, as long as the poems are well chosen and the name combination is good, it will be a good name.


Mingyao(明耀) - Chinese Boy Names In Songs Of Chu Ⅴ

“光明齐于日月兮,文采耀燿于玉石”  ——《楚辞·九叹》

"My virtue is as bright as the sun and the moon, and my literary talent is as glorious as the beautiful jade." It's a self-praising poem, which is very suitable for boys to choose their names. Among them, "Guang (光)," "Ming(明)," "Qi(齐)," "Wen(文)," "Yao(耀)," and "Yao(燿)" are all good words for boy names, which can be combined with Mingyao(明耀), Qiyao(齐燿), Yaoming(燿明), Qiyao(齐耀) and so on.


Jiazhi(嘉志) - Chinese Boy Names In Songs Of Chu Ⅴ


"My late father had good ambitions back then and liked to recommend talents and talents." The sentence contains literary talent and character. These have good meanings for naming boys. You can choose the right words for naming, such as Jia(嘉), Zhi(志), Deng(登), Liang(亮), etc., can be combined into Jiazhi(嘉志), Jiaxian(嘉贤), Zhideng(志登), etc.


Lingye(灵晔) - Chinese Boy Names In Songs Of Chu Ⅴ


"Worried about the passing of the years and the changing of the seasons, the glorious sun has gone down to the west." Yaoling(耀灵): refers to the sun. Ye(晔): shining. "Lingye(灵晔)" means cleverness, talent, spirit, and understanding.


Ranming(冉名) - Chinese Boy Names In Songs Of Chu Ⅴ


"Old age is approaching gradually, and I am afraid the good reputation has not yet been established." The name "Ranming(冉名)" means eternal youth, positiveness, and striving for the top.


Fuyuan(复远) - Chinese Boy Names In Songs Of Chu Ⅴ


"Turn around my car and go back to the original road. Hurry up and stop before you get lost." The name "Fuyuan(复远)" means walk the talk, study diligently and practice what you have learned, forethought and foresight, and act vigorously and resolutely.


Muyu(穆愉) - Chinese Boy Names In Songs Of Chu Ⅴ


"On auspicious and beautiful days, please the gods respectfully and solemnly." The name "Muyu(穆愉)" implies gentleness, elegance, contentment, and politeness.

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