Chinese Boy Names In Songs Of Chu Ⅲ


Chu Ci names are generally more suitable for boys. When parents use Chu Ci names, as long as the poems are well chosen and the name combination is good, it will be a good name.



Yaohua(遥华) - Chinese boy names in Songs of Chu Ⅲ

Climb to the Canopy Star and reach the top of the zenith, and enjoy yourself among the stars of the Big Dipper for the time being. Canopy Star is an extraordinary star with signs of prosperity. "Yaohua(遥华)" can be understood as a canopy in the distance. As a boy's name, it shows the baby's lofty aspirations, implying that the baby is intelligent, educated, self-respecting, self-love, and has outstanding talents.



Xingyan(星言) - Chinese boy names in Songs of Chu Ⅲ

May the meteor be entrusted as a messenger to send a message. It flies so fast that it is challenging to sit still. This poem expresses the sentimentality of the passage of time and an attitude of cherishing time. "Xingyan(星言)" in the poem can be understood as the words of meteors. As a boy's name, it is full of romance and freshness, implying that the baby's future is bright and wonderful.



Hangyue(杭越) - Chinese boy names in Songs of Chu Ⅲ

Jump into the spaceship, cross the sea, and follow An Qi to Penglai. "Hangyue(杭越)" in the sentence means crossing the sea by spaceship. It has a broad artistic conception and is romantic and majestic. It is very suitable as a boy's name, which shows the baby's self-confidence and bravery.



Weiqing(为清) - Chinese boy names in Songs of Chu Ⅲ

Uncle Feng acted as the pioneer of the team for me, sweeping away the dust and ushering in coolness. This poem conveys a high-spirited and positive attitude toward life. As a boy's name, it shows the baby's talent and ambition, implying that the baby is cheerful, ambitious, and born extraordinary. We can understand "Wei Qing(为清)" is freshness and coolness.



Leming(乐明) - Chinese boy names in Songs of Chu Ⅲ

Joy to the extreme and never tire, willing to accompany the gods to play leisurely. This poem shows the poet's open-minded attitude toward life. He wants to fly high in the sky and feel a happy life. We believes that "Leming(乐明)" is a cheerful and lively boy's name with a positive, high ambition and a bright future.



Xinda(信达) - Chinese boy names in Songs of Chu Ⅲ

This poem expresses the poet's reasonable and bright mind, reluctance to give up after setbacks, and courage to forge ahead. "Xinda" can be understood as a firm belief to reach the other side of success. We believe that when parents name their boy "Xinda(信达)," on the one hand, they hope that the baby will become a person with faith and courage and will not give up easily; on the other hand, it means that the baby will keep promises and be open-minded.

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