Chinese Boy Names In Songs Of Chu Ⅳ


"The Book of Songs for Women, Songs of Chu for Men" is a naming habit that Chinese people consistently recognize. Therefore, the following will share some loud and refreshing boy names in "Songs Of Chu."


Duheng(杜衡) - Chinese boy names in Songs of Chu Ⅳ


"Du(杜)" has the radical of "wood," and "Du Heng(杜衡)" belongs to the restorative material in traditional Chinese medicine, also known as Aristolochia, which can cure diseases. It is used in boys' names, implying the boy's character is sunny, kind, and brave, and it also expresses the boy's love for the boy. Life has a positive attitude.


Wodan(渥丹) - Chinese boy names in Songs of Chu Ⅳ


Pointing to the red face as if painted with red paint, could it be that he is my monarch? "Wodan(渥丹)" means ruddy and bright cinnabar, which implies auspiciousness and happiness. It is used to name boys, reflecting their atmosphere and boldness.


Shuzhi(舒志) - Chinese boy names in Songs of Chu Ⅳ


He said he was lucky enough to meet King Wen to show his talent and realize his ideal. "Shu" means extending, stretching, stretching, etc. It is used in people's names to express calmness, leisure, and elegance and has auspicious meanings; "Zhi" expresses the direction of the heart and is used in people's names. It is loud and pleasant to read.


Daran(达然) - Chinese boy names in Songs of Chu Ⅳ


Sincere loyalty hopes the monarch can see it, but it is too dark to know. "Daran(达然)" in the poem can be understood as an open-minded and detached attitude toward life. As a baby name, it is more suitable for the boy's free and easy temperament, showing the baby's broad mind and implying the baby's aggressiveness and optimism.


Tingmu(庭木) - Chinese boy names in Songs of Chu Ⅳ

“袅袅兮秋风,洞庭波兮木叶下”  ——《楚辞·九歌·湘夫人》

This poem describes the beauty of the trees swaying with the wind; the autumn wind is calm at the beginning, the Dongting is bursting with waves, and the leaves are falling. It is very artistic. Among them, there are suitable words for naming boys: Qiu(秋), Feng(风), Ting(庭), Ye(叶), which can be named Qiuye(秋叶), Tingmu(庭木) and so on.


Chengyu(承宇) - Chinese boy names in Songs of Chu Ⅳ

“霰雪纷其无垠兮,云霏霏而承宇”  ——《楚辞·九章》

The boundless snowflakes are flying in the air, and the thick clouds covering the sky are gloomy. It describes the scene of snow and flying in the mountains and forests, which is magnificent. It contains words suitable for boys' names: Yun(云), Fei(霏), Cheng(承), and Yu(宇), which can be combined into many excellent boy names, such as Yunfei(云霏), Chengyu(承宇), Chengfei(承霏), Yunyu(云宇) and so on.

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