Chinese Characters For Baby Names In The Year Of The Tiger


Suitable Chinese characters and recommended names for babies born in the Year of the Tiger (with meanings).


Using these words consecutively or including them in the glyph structure of Chinese characters will help balance the tiger's five elements of this year. You can combine pronunciation and meaning to choose a better and more suitable name.

瑾妍 Jinyan (for girl)

The name jǐn means good moral character, handsome aptitude, and outstanding talent. Yán means beautiful

玮岳 Weiyue (for boy)

Wěi is a beautiful jade name, which is extended to be precious. The name implies good looks, outstanding talent, wealth, and auspiciousness. Yuè means high mountain. The name implies lofty and stalwart, extraordinary bearing, lofty aspirations, and remarkable achievements.

琪然 Qiran (for girl)

Qí is a kind of beautiful jade. The name means beautiful and rare. Rán means yes, promise, so. The name is used as a lining.

林泽 Linze (for boy)

Línzé refers to the forest and water, and the name implies that the careful cultivation of outstanding talents will become unparalleled.

鹏羽 Pengyu (for boy)

Péng refers to the largest bird in the legend, and the name means great future. Yǔ refers to the feathers of birds.

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