Chinese Girl Names: Beautiful Girl Names

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How to get a Chinese girl name? What are the beautiful Chinese girl names?

Chinese girl name picking skills

Use words that express female talent and wisdom.

There are some differences in the temperament of men and women. The moral character of men and women preached and praised by society is not consistent. Compared to men, women are sweet, wise, elegant, calm and clean. These words are named after the classical aesthetics, which will also be expressed in the name. Words that express talent, virtue, and genius such as: 贞, 淑, 贤, 端, 庄, 娴, 静, 洁, 慧, 巧, 雅, etc. Such as: 冯清雅 李淑梦 何慧玲 梁静美 and so on.

Use words that represent sweet beauty.

The gentle, smooth and luminous landscapes of nature not only provide a sense of pleasure, but also harmonize with the feminine beauty of women. If you use 春(spring), 夏(summer), 秋(autumn), 冬(winter), 云(clouds), 霞(red clouds), 虹(rainbow), 冰(ice), 霜(frost), 霓(multicolored cloud), and so on, it is indeed feminine.

Reference poetry.

It is relatively simple and connotative to use a Chinese ancient poetry or an article describing good things to get a girl's name. Just quote some poems with a better meaning. For example, the verse in Nalan Rongru's "Mulan Ci" - "人生若只如初见", use "初见" as the name. Or use Xin Qiji's "Qing Yu An" in the "蛾儿雪柳黄金缕,笑语盈盈暗香去", Named "雪盈".

Beautiful poetic girl names

熙雯     熙:Bright;雯:Clouds in the pattern

诗涵     literary and connotative girl

宁馨     quiet and warm

妙菱     lively and intelligent

诗婧     beautiful girl like a poem;

羽馨     feather satin

瑾萱     瑾: jade;萱: legendary grass

欣妍     欣:happy,妍:beautiful

茹雪     Pure as snow, kindness

美琳     beautiful, kind, lively

欢馨     happy, living with family is very warm

雨嘉     雨: rain, pure ;嘉: excellent

娅楠     娅: elegant ; 楠: a beautiful tree

明美     Understand the truth, look beautiful

可馨     Living very warmly with family

钰彤     钰: jade; 彤: red

彤萱     彤: red; 萱: a grass that forgets

月婵     gentle than moonlight

嫦曦     like the goddess of the moon, it has a beautiful appearance, and it is as vibrant and spirited as the morning sun.

静香     beautiful, elegant

美莲     beautiful like a lotus flower, there is a noble quality that is not stained with mud.

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