How Do Foreigners Take A Suitable Chinese Name?


Many foreigners who study Chinese or live in China are popular with Chinese names. It is important to have a suitable Chinese name. The authentic Chinese name sounds serious and respectful of Chinese culture and language. Foreigners who learn Chinese can express their values, their future ambitions and even their sense of humor through Chinese names.

If you are learning Cantonese or Mandarin and planning a Chinese name, here are some tips.

  1. Identify your goals. Your basic goal is to have a Chinese name that sounds very authentic, and hope that the name will highlight its own characteristics.
  2. First choose a good name. I strongly recommend that you choose your last name from a hundred family names. This is very important to ensure that your name will not be used as a place name or a name for a Chinese.
  3. The name should be short. Your full name should be controlled in the length of two or three Chinese characters. The last name is a Chinese character and the name can be one or two Chinese characters.
  4. Ask for help. Starting from a suitable Chinese name, we must also consider the cultural differences between China and the West. At this time, we may ask the Chinese to help.
  5. Don't name the celebrity. In China, it is a very conceited act to give a child a celebrity name. In the past, it was stipulated that civilians could not share the same name as the emperor. This tradition is deeply rooted.
  6. Try a few more names. The name you started will follow a lifetime, so take some time to get a good name.
  7. Share your last name with your family. If your family also likes China very much, you can share the Chinese name last name with your family, just like you share the English name.
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2 Comments for "How do foreigners take a suitable Chinese name?"

  • Z
    May 8, 2022

    Good tip, helped me connect to my ancestral heritage more. Thank you for the tip, it matches my English/birth name.

  • L
    September 21, 2020