What Should I Watch Out For Choosing A Chinese Name?

Billy Hughes

Getting a good name is like wearing a beautiful dress that makes people look radiant and eye-catching. Another example is a famous drama, accompanied by a good theme song, the famous drama and the good songs complement each other and complement each other. The name is not only a symbol, but also a good name, which is good for people to interact with, making it easy for the other person to remember.

  1. Phonology: good names read are all catchy, read very loud, not difficult to read. Normally, the last word will be two or four sounds will be brighter. The post nasal sound will feel thicker.
  2. Homophonic: pay attention to homophonic, to avoid the same as some bad words have a derogatory word pronunciation or homophonic. Such as: 范童 (饭桶 Dud), 范建 (犯贱 bitch), etc.
  3. Meaning: The meaning is equally important. Before you take the name, you must first check the meaning of these words, and find some meaningful, positive, and auspicious words to avoid bringing some unlucky.
  4. Equilibrium: Your last name is put together with the following name, which can give people a very harmonious, each word is more balanced and the size is more consistent.
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