Chinese Girl Names In Poems Ⅴ


Recommend Chinese girl names from poetry and explain their meanings.


Jia: refers to beauty, praise, and the name symbolizes beauty, happiness, and joy. Yi: refers to a person's appearance. Also refers to the standard form of etiquette. The name means a good gesture.

敬尔威仪 无不柔嘉


Yun: refers to clouds. The name implies pure character, good life and freedom. Shu: refers to the beauty of a woman's appearance. The name means a dignified and beautiful girl.



Chen: where the North Star is. The name implies deep and broad knowledge, outstanding talents, and great careers. Yue: refers to joy, pleasure, and sweetness to the ear. The name implies family happiness, successful career, and joy.



Rui: The grass is just born. The name means exquisite, small, youthful, and courageous. Ke: refers to consent, permission, and appreciation. The name implies superior talent, tenacious perseverance, and great success.


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