Chinese Girl Names Meaning Moon


What are the Chinese girl names meaning moon?

Chinese girl names with the meaning of the moon are: 月、嫦、婵娟.

月 (yuè)

Original meaning: moon.

Recommended given names:月冰 月凡 月华 月吟 月含 月咏 月桂 月莹 月菱 月婵 舒月 枫月 慕月 榕月 婉月 雅月 紫月 春月 月昇 欣月 恒月 雅月 月筠 方月 月沛 诗月 月谦 嘉月 静月 月斌 昭月 美月 月茜 婉月 月娟

嫦 (cháng)

The moon goddess in China is called "嫦娥", and "嫦" is used in the girl's name to be as beautiful as the moon goddess.

Recommended given names: 菡嫦 嫦娟 玉嫦 嫦熙 嫦悦 丽嫦 淑嫦 嫦琳 嫦琦 嫦鸿 依嫦 舒嫦 忆嫦 思嫦 嫦虹 云嫦 嫦宁 美嫦 婉嫦


婵娟 (chánjuān)

The word " 婵娟" is often used in Chinese ancient poetry to describe the meaning of bright moonlight, and also refers to beauty, as a girl name is also nice.

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