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The beautiful girl's name in "The Book of Songs" is fresh and elegant, full of poetic and picturesque.

The Book of Songs is the beginning of ancient Chinese poetry, which contains a strong cultural history, so many people like to use the poems of the Book of Songs to name girls, adding a scholarly atmosphere to the girl's name and adding some artistic conception. Here are some excellent Chinese names that I have extracted for you from the Book of Songs.


文茵畅毂 驾我骐馵——《诗经·国风·秦风·小戎》

The original meaning of this sentence has the meaning of describing the appearance of a gentleman. It is used to name girls, highlighting their outstanding literary talent and excellence, and also has the meaning of praising girls' noble character. It reads elegantly and poetically.


萧萧马鸣 悠悠旆旌 ——《诗经·小雅·车攻》

This name reads grand and leisurely, and it is a girl's name with a lot of charm. "萧(xiao)" gives people a chic feeling and is used to name girls, highlighting the girl's brave, tenacious and free-spirited temperament. "You" means leisurely and leisurely, implying a girl's elegant temperament.


济济辟王 左右奉璋 奉璋峨峨 髦士攸宜——《诗经·大雅·棫朴》

This name sounds very flavorful as if it can bring the talented and talented temperament in poetry to girls. The name contains cleverness, a scholarly atmosphere, and a gentle and generous temperament.


燕燕于飞 差池其羽——《诗经·国风·邶风·燕燕》

The name is light, and sounds well. "羽飞(Yufei)" is full of flexibility, alertness, and cheerful and lively temperament, and it also symbolizes that girls can be free and happy like birds flying in the sky. Girls don't have to be quiet and well-behaved. It's also perfect to be lively, cute, full of curiosity, and full of energy.


静女其姝 俟我于城隅——《诗经·邶风·静女》

"姝(shu)" has the meaning of beauty and is a very feminine word. Using "其姝(Qishu)" as the name has the meaning of referring to the beauty of girls, highlighting the gorgeous beauty of girls like peach blossoms in March.


有女同车 颜如舜华——《诗经·郑风·有女同车》

The word "如(ru)" has the meaning of wish fulfillment and also plays the role of emphasizing another word. People often use it to describe certain things, such as "如兰(Rulan)", which means elegant and beautiful, like orchids. Then let's look at the word "Hua," which initially means the flowers of plants and trees but also extends to brilliance and magnificence. Refers to beautiful and glorious things, used in the name has the meaning of brilliance, beauty, and talent, very beautiful.


吉甫作诵 穆如清风——《诗经·大雅·烝民》

The word "清(qing)" means clear and precise, so it can be extended to mean that a girl is a sensible person, and it also means clean, highlighting the girl's quiet temperament and high moral character. It sounds fantastic and elegant, which is a very suitable girl.



"嘉(jia)" is beautiful and a kind of blessing to the child. I wish her good health, looks, outstanding talents, and a safe life. The word "仪(yi)" describes a person's behavior and appearance. The ancients often used this word to describe a person with a good image and temperament. Therefore, this name is not only a wish for a child with good moral character and talent but also a wish for a child with a beautiful appearance and good manners.


有匪君子 充耳琇莹 会弁如星——《诗经·国风·卫风·淇奥》

"琇(xiu)" is a beautiful stone that gives you a sense of purity, symbolizing the purity and purity of girls. The word "莹(ying)" means grass, which gives people a sense of freshness. It means that girls are intelligent, soft, and lovable.


野有蔓草 零露溥兮——《诗经·国风·郑风·野有蔓草》。

"蔓(man)" means that the vines are endless and full of vitality. "露(lu)" means dewdrops, implying that girls are as flexible and soft as water, full of vitality.


周原膴膴 堇荼如饴——《诗经·大雅·绵》。

"堇(jin)" is a kind of grass, elegant and indifferent. When you call this name, you will feel the beauty and fragrance like a flower, as if it contains infinite classical poetry.


终温且惠 淑慎其身——诗经《国风·邶风·燕燕》

Refers to the good moral character of women who are gentle, kind, and rigorous. If you look at it separately, "温 (wen)" gives people a gentle and beautiful impression, and " 惠 (hui)" gives people a virtuous and dignified feeling. The combination of these two characters creates an image of a lady. We can feel the elegance and gentle temperament of the name.

I love The Book of Songs, so I talked about adopting the Book of Songs to name girls. I hope these names can give you a little reference or help when you choose Chinese names for yourself or your children.

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