What Are The Commonly Used Characters In Chinese Names?


铭:Aspirations are high, and the name is broadcast.


姿:Girl looks and looks beautiful.

俊:Handsome and outstanding.


治:Governance, governing the country and the state; meaning both talent and morality, and leadership.


佳:Elegant and beautiful.

源:Origin and source; the source is long.


岳:High mountain.


娇:Describe the girl’s enchanting gentleness.

晗:Shining, bright.

媛:Beautiful pretty girl.

安:Symbolizes peace, peace, smoothness and longevity.

岸:The shore refers to the edge of the river and the sea. The name is high and respected. Such as Sun Anda, arrived at the other side.

楚:Neat and clear.


桉:Refers to a kind of tree. Describe a tall and straight, useful material, with a lot of meaning.

爱:A lot of talents, good luck in old age. Full of love. Unisex.

翱:Refers to flying in the air, named to use to fly freely in the air, symbolizing the chest has great ambition, talent.

瑷:Describe the beauty of jade, the meaning of beauty jade.

然:Natural, pleasant, and happy.

柯:Both wisdom and courage are available.

银:Elegant and versatile.

昂:Standing tall, describing the spirit of excitement, talented talent, rare talent. The name is used in the name of the word, symbolizing the spirit of rejuvenation, energetic, and prosperous children.


妩:Describe the female posture is beautiful. Used to decorate a flower, plant, or a beautiful thing.

城:Full of wealth, knowledgeable.

绍:Both wisdom and courage are available.

瑞:Good luck.

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