Chinese Girl Names With Water In The Name


There are many words in the Chinese characters with water as the radicals, such as: 冰、清、洁、涵、沛、漫、波 and so on. These Chinese characters with water can reflect the feminine characteristics of girls, so these words are very suitable as the name of the girl.

Parents should choose the name of the female baby to reflect the feminine characteristics of the girl, rather than some more neutral words, which is also unfavorable for the character development of the female treasure. Many people will have a word with water in their name, because the feeling of water is very tender, and it will make girls look more lovely. I will recommend some girl names with water today.

For the five-line water-deficient baby to use the word with three points of water to name, can make up for the shortcomings of the five elements, saying that women are made of water, so even if the water-deficient female baby uses the word next to the water word, meaning It is also very good, it can be a good example of the girl's tenderness. There are a lot of words with three waters, parents should choose good words, and it is also appropriate to match the surname.

Girls are all beautiful, so the name of the female baby must be with beautiful words, such as:丽、冰、靓, etc. These praise words, looks are born, but we can make the baby in front of the outsider by name Self-confidence, calm, so a word with a beautiful word can play a greater role in the baby's future life.

Chinese characters with water are used in the girl's name, which can highlight the girl's tender and watery image. There are many Chinese characters with water, parents should choose good words, and it is also suitable to match the surname.


雨 refers to rainwater, and can also be extended to Enze, grace, and 汐 refers to the tide of the evening. This name is very poetic and very artistic, very suitable for female babies.


婉 is the meaning of euphemism, grace, 清 means pure, understand, many parents will give the baby girl a dignified and generous name, this name is the most suitable, giving a very quiet beauty.


紫 refers to purple, purple is a symbol of high value, 涵 is conservation, the name of the female treasure is not only to be nice, but also has connotation, this name not only means good, but also looks more noble.


沛 can be extended to be full of energy. 玲 refers to the sound. The metaphor is very cool and thorough. If a person's name is louder, it will give people a deeper impression and a positive impact.


蓉 refers to hibiscus, which describes a woman as beautiful as a flower that has just emerged from the water. 漫 can be extended to a full blessing. This name is very auspicious, which means that the baby can eat and wear without worry.

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