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There are many famous people in Chinese history, but do you know a few people with good names? During the Qin Dynasty, there was a "赢扶苏 (Ying Fusu)", and he was called "公子扶苏 (Gongzi Fusu)". In modern times, 林徽因 (Lin Huiyin) was named "人间最美四月天 (The most beautiful April day in the world)".

卓文君 (Zhuo Wenjun)

Zhuo Wenjun is not only a good name, but also a famous talented woman in ancient times. The popular verse of modern times, "愿得一人心, 白首不相离" is what she wrote.

柳如是 (Liu Rushi)

Liu RuShi is one of the eight gorgeous women of Qinhuai, her real name is 杨爱 (Yang Ai), the alias name is 柳如是 (Liu Rushi), there is called 河东君 (He Dongjun). Because of the verse in the poem "贺新郎" by Xin Qiji: "我见青山多抚媚,我料青山多如是", so she named it.

李清照 (Li Qingzhao)

Li Qingzhao is a famous female lyricist in the Song Dynasty. It was left to countless classic works of the later generations, and it is known as the "first talented woman of the ages." Her name reminds me of the verse "明月松间照,清泉石上流", which is probably such a beautiful scene!

纳兰容若 (Nalan Rongruo)

纳兰性德 (Nalan Xingde) , alias name is 纳兰容若 (Nalan Rongruo), the name will be beautiful after listening to the surname. When reading his name, we think of his words "人生若只如初见 (If life is just like seeing first)", this artistic conception is beautiful!

鱼玄机 (Yu Xuanji)

鱼玄机 (Yu Xuanji) is a poetess of the late Tang Dynasty. At first, Her name is 鱼幼薇 (Yu youwei). Alias name is 鱼蕙兰 (Yu Huilan). These three names are all examples of everyone's outstanding performance. The woman's name is warm and jade.

高渐离 (Gao Jianli)

Everyone knows the story of Jing Ke assassination Qin Emperor, But less about "高渐离". After Jing Ke stabbed Qin, Gao left for Qin Wang to fight, and wanted to assassinate Qin Emperor, but unfortunately failed. His name is also like his life, atmosphere justice, fear of power!

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